A Valentine's Tea Party

February 18, 2015

For Valentine's Day I hosted a small tea party for Georgia and her friends.  She was so excited and all the girls looked adorable and had a great time.

I also had a great time setting up the tea party.  I mainly used things we already had on hand.  I already had the cups, place settings, garlands, straws,  and tea pot.  I printed the conversation hearts from HERE and made the party hats.

The party hats are just pink cups with pink ribbon and purple flowers.  I put a pack of stickers inside the cup that they used to customize their hats.

Each place setting was a little different.  Most contained some pieces of my grandmother's china.  Yes, I let 3-6 year olds use real china.  It was all so pretty and I loved the mix matched look.  Had more kids been invited and come to the party I probably would not have used such nice things.  Also, the other parents were there so I wasn't worried about it.

I also whipped up some name tag cup cake toppers from free clip art I found on Pinterest.  Now, I don't have the source because I didn't save it.  I used first and middle names for a more formal look.

Jonathan made the cupcakes and the sandwiches.  The sandwiches were heart shaped peanut butter and jelly.

I also set up a gift bag station for all the valentines the girls brought.  Georgia's treats that she gave out are in the picture on the right.  I got the pink bags at HEB and the turquoise bags at Target last year.  Inside the turquoise bags are strawberry milk straws and conversation hearts.

Georgia picked out a peach dress and pink shoes to wear...so I had to some how make this outfit go together.  She was so proud of herself, her outfit, and her little party.  Here is her little friend modeling the party hats.

Here is what I wore.  I kind of looked like Mary Poppins but I'm ok with that...well a Mary Poppins who shows a bit more leg.

Not all her friends are pictured because I have some friends who would rather not have their kids online and that's fine with me.  Also three of her little friends could not come but we had a great time.  Georgia adores her friend Kiersten pictured here.

So, all in all, our little girl tea party went splendidly.


Chelsea said...

OMG I am obssed with the cute little tea party :) I LOVE IT
Chelsea@ thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com

Pamela said...


Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

This is so stinkin cute! I just love it. I bet they had so much fun being girly girls!!


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