Houston Ballet Field Trip

February 5, 2015

Two of my sweetest favorite friends are home school moms.  Our three families combined have five girls (no boys) and three of them are three years old.  So, it's a really fun group and we do A LOT together and our girls just love each other.  The oldest of the group actually only calls Georgia, "Georgia Peach" or "Peachy" and last week gave her a BFF necklace.  It's the sweetest thing watching Georgia grow as a friend.

(One of the moms does not want pictures of her kids online so the pictures I post on here will be limited which is totally fine.  I just didn't want readers to think I ONLY take pictures of Georgia by herself without her friends.)

Our group last week went to visit the Houston Ballet Academy for a behind the scenes tour.  The girls loved it and it was a great end cap on our first ever home school unit: Ballet.  Jonathan planned the entire thing actually and went with all of us ladies.  We had a great time.  

We saw the male ballerinas practicing as well as the females.  Some as young as 13 live on the campus in dorms full time.  Mind blowing.  We met two 16 year old boys and they were very sweet.

We also got to see where they make and store all the costumes and their shoe room.  Amazing.

Afterwards we went to a burrito place that had a playground and outdoor seating.  Could not have been more perfect with last week's weather.

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