Long Weekends = The Best

April 7, 2015

Here is how we spent our long Easter weekend!

(Dress: Old Navy - Shirt: Crazy 8 - Skirt: Matilda Jane - Shoes: Sun Sans)

Who's ready to dye some Easter eggs?!
This girl is!

Shirt is from Target and shorts are Matilda Jane
My child LOVE bugs.  She brings them to me constantly.
And, all we had was brown eggs and less than a cup of vinegar for the dying.  They still came out ok.

We also did A LOT of yard work!  There was a tree that had been cut down years ago but not fully.  So we burned it and then J pulled it out with his car.  Victory.  Also, we took down our old frumpy gutters and a lot of external wiring that was around the roof line of our home.  We are still getting our home back to "normal".  When you buy an older home they have personalities.  Some good and some bad.  Ours had a lot of both so we are removing the bad and trying to highlight the good.  It's a long and slow process.

We also picked our first strawberry this week!  Georgia ate the entire thing :)  I'm growing them in the front yard.

So, in addition to having a great Easter weekend we had a good weekend in general.

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