Finally Friday!

May 8, 2015

So, another week of not much happening here at the Powell casa.

Jonathan made Georgia's day by picking her a Magnolia flower.  Such a flower girl.

Living in Texas, of course we celebrated Cinco de Mayo with some yummy Mexican food at our favorite local spot with family.  And yes, we wore the appropriate attire for the occasion.

We've also had some deer eating our plants in the garden.  Here is Jonathan's oh so lovely solution.  Don't be jealous.  Now that I'm looking at it on the ol blog...I need a cuter solution.  STAT.  They've also eaten some of the flowers in the front yard.  I love the wild life but don't eat my plants.

Happy Friday Y'all!

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Elaine Welte said...

Your daughter is precious!!! I love her Cinco De Mayo outfit! Have a great weekend!

Kaylie T said...

I love the Cinco de Mayo attire! Eating Mexican food all day and drinking tequilas is definitely a plus in my book! Have a wonderful weekend!

Neisa's Nook said...

How cute! We made tacos here at my home, and the deer are bad already. I live in a townhouse though and we have a fence up fortunately or I think my plants would be gone! I love the flowers! Such a cute girl you got. :)

Emily Powell said...

Thanks so much! It's one of her favorite dresses :)

Emily Powell said...

Any excuse to dress festive ;)

Emily Powell said...

why, thank you :)

Crystal Chesser said...

Love her dress! Do you mind sharing where you got it


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