Mother's Day Weekend

May 11, 2015

1.  The gifts and celebrating.  
Not only did Jonathan get two items off of my wish list HERE (Sephora gift card and Yummy Mummy body conditioner) but he also out did himself and booked me and my mom friends (obviously their husband's booked theirs, but it was J's idea) a night at Magnolia hotel downtown Houston and made us all reservations at Sambuca for dinner that night as well.  Seriously?!  Best husband ever.  Oh, and he made me chocolate chip pancakes and brought me breakfast in bed.  So sweet.

The card says, "Love.  Love, Georgia"  But, then she drew a million flowers all over it so it's a little hard to read.

2.  Family time
We saw my mom on Saturday and Jonathan's parents on sunday.  There was lunch at the country club, long naps had by all, yummy turkey burger sliders for dinner, and free frozen yogurt for mom's at our local place.  Such a good day and weekend.

3.  Other things
I was able to visit one of my college besties for just a bit.  That was fun.  I did THREE Etsy orders this week. {Visit my shop HERE}  So that was busy but fun.  They were all, my popular, bachelorette itinerary/invitation.

I hope everyone had a blessed Mother's day weekend!  I know I did!


Natalie @ She Builds Her Home said...

Sounds like a pretty great weekend!!

Emily Powell said...

it was, it was :)


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