Georgia is Four!

May 18, 2015

Georgia Emiline Powell you are FOUR
-as of May 17th-
(and I cannot believe it!)

40 lbs - 82%
41 or 42 in (can't remember) - 89%
You sleep 7:30 - 7:30
Sometime (once or twice a week) you still take a nap.  Although you are still in your room for two hours, lights off, everyday.

You know all your letters - upper case and lower case
You know about half of your letter sounds
You can spell your name and write it
You can spell and sound out "Mom" and "Dad"
You count to 30
You know several states and countries
You can identify a handful of famous landmarks and works of art
You know your school prayer and the pledge along with a few Bible verses

About you:
You aren't shy at all and are very social.  You love going to church, MOPS, friends houses, the Rec center...pretty much anywhere and any body is your favorite.  You love getting dressed up and wearing skirts and dresses.  You love to pick out your clothes.  Your favorite pass time is playing dress up or playing with your baby dolls.  You have an amazing imagination.  You love everyone in your family and love when they come over...or when anyone comes over for that matter.  You get so excited when we have visitors.

You are very strong willed and get in trouble several times throughout the day for being sassy, saying things you don't mean, being impulsive, not cleaning up your toys, breaking toys on accident.  Your absolute worst is when we have to leave friend's houses.  Total melt downs (only child problem.  for real.  you get lonely.)  You mostly get in trouble for talking back.  Like, "Georgia, last time I am asking you to clean up your toys.  If I ask again the toys are going in time out for a week" and you respond with, "Fine.  I don't want them."

Funny things you've said or say:
Georgia:  "Molly Kathryn was trying to pull my head off of my neck."

G: Momma, do you want to go to the mall today?

Me: I don't think so...
G: But, sure?
Me: No.

Georgia:  "I like bread because Jesus liked bread.  Jesus broke bread and had a cup of wine that was like blood."

Georgia:  "Uncle Donald's (McDonald's) is not a restaurant.  They just serve pancakes."  

Georgia: "Daddy, can you catch the alligator so I can eat the chicken nuggets inside him?"

Georgia:  "I'm going to have baby brothers.  I will name them Evett, Jesus, and Dusty."

Momma my pencil is dead.  Can you charge it up for me?  (Her pencil broke and she needs it sharpened.)

"Momma, can I have some oatmeal and hot tea for breakfast? I've been bless-you-ing and it will make me feel better."

"At church today we learned about an old lady who put two coins in a money machine"

Georgia:  Momma, thanks for that guinea pig you're getting me.
Me:  Nice try.  Not happening

Ridiclious = Ridiculous
Movie Avator - Movie theater
Cheese sandwich = cheese burger

I love you so much Georgia.  You are a true blessing to your daddy and me.  You bring me so much joy everyday and endless amounts of laughter.  You are so smart and so funny.  Can't wait to watch the beautiful little lady you become.


Lyndsey_Lofland said...

Happy Birthday, Georgia! I love her version of "ridiculous" -- so funny!! I hope y'all had a great day together!

Natalie @ She Builds Her Home said...

Gosh she has just grown up so much in her picture from last year to this year! Such a beautiful girl! Happy late birthday, Georgia!!

Emily Powell said...

I know! thanks :)


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