Summer Favorites {A Series} - Safe Ant Killer

August 20, 2015

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I live in Texas and we have fire ants.  Lots and LOTS of fire ants.  Plus, we live on an acre so that's even MORE to deal with.  They are super annoying, abundant, and painful but I've found a very easy way to combat them that is also SAFE.  It's like a summer time miracle.

Fill your container with half water, then put some squirts of Dawn in the container, and fill the rest up with vinegar.  Gently stir to disperse the soap but not to make it sudsy.  Annnnd, you're done. 

I go and stir up the ants a bit to get them running around like crazy and then I just pour it all over them.  I've used it several times and it's worked wonderfully.  Vinegar can also kill plants but so far it hasn't killed any of my grass.  It really is perfection!

Happy ant killing :)

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