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August 17, 2015

So things at our house have been busy and fun.  Three of our four chickens have started to lay eggs.  One will not use her nesting box and just lays them near the door.  The other two are using the box like  champs.  Although one is a bit loud/broody about her eggs.

Georgia has been doing gymnastics in a summer program.  Their teacher had them putting their feet on the wall.  Clearly she doesn't have kids.  Haha.  I think I'm going to sign her up for the fall as well.  She really enjoys it.

I've mentioned before that she is now obsessed with writing and drawing.  The left is her family.  The right is a place she would like to visit.  (China, so she drew a dragon.)

And this is Rainbow Dash.  Duh.  (She collects boxes and draws on them.  Bordering on OCD.  For real.)

We watched her little friend the other day.  They had the best time.  They've been friends since before they were born.

We also met up with her friend at the mall.  Played, shopped, ate, rode the carousel.  Fun times.  I asked Georgia which ring was her favorite.  She told me, "the big one!".  Ha!

This week was one of those weeks that I felt so unbelievably blessed with such good friends and relationships.  On Thursday night we had dinner with our small group which consists of our family, The S Family, and The A Family.  They are our tribe.  Literally.  I do life with these people.  Then, Friday we had a play date with The A Family and did dinner and a movie with The S Family.  Saturday we went to another friend's house for dinner and on Sunday we had The D Family and The C Family over for dinner.  We had such a great week/weekend and I so love all the people God has put in our life.  I have no photographic evidence of most of this but it doesn't even matter :)

One of the families has a little boy close in age to Georgia.  He asked if he could bring purple flowers to dinner for Georgia.  The.Sweetest.Ever.  I love all of the little unique spirits God puts in children.

Happy Monday everyone

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