Summer Favorites {A Series} - Summer Sweet Tea

August 7, 2015

Just a little summer series on a few of my favorites this season.

First up is my favorite sweet tea.  I LOVE sweet tea but I don't want my tea to be so strong that it tastes like coffee, so dull that it tastes like water, and I want it to be sweet but not syrupy and give me a stomach ache.  So, all of that to say this is my perfect recipe.

So, here is what you need.  Large tea bags, measuring cup, sweetener, pitcher, water, kettle, and ice.  LOTS of ice!

I like to think that I have three secrets to my sweet tea.  Ice, one citrus ice cube, and the tea that I use.  I will get to that.

I fill up my pitcher ALL the way with ice.  I then plop one of my fresh squeezed cubes of Key Lime juice (harvested the limes from my backyard, squeezed them ALL, and put them in an ice cube tray so I could use the juice later.)

I measure out a quart of water and put it in the kettle.  Once the water boils I turn the heat off, toss in the tea bag, and let steep for 6 minutes or more.

Here is the tea that I use.  I bought it at World Market.  It's super YUMMY!

Once it's done steeping I get one cup of splenda (or sugar) and pour it in the kettle and mix it up.  Once it's mixed I compost the tea bag and pour the hot tea into the pitcher of ice.

Once it's poured in I stir until all the ice is melted and the pour into a glass!  It's so good and refreshing.  I just LOVE it!

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