August so far...

August 10, 2015

So, here I am trying to get back into the groove of blogging.  I honestly haven't missed it much but I have missed the memory keeping so here goes :)

We've already been in August for over a week.  Here's what we've been up to.

Soaking up every single second I have this girl all to myself.  I pray everyday that she is NOT an only child and feel very lead (through prayer) to not do anything about our situation.  God's call on my life to do nothing is very, very hard but I'm trying to be still and know.

I did her hair the other day.  Seriously, how fun is it to have a girl.  Jonathan also had this little set up going for her to put the utensils away.  Genius.  She folds and puts away dish towels, cloth napkins, and now the silverware.  She has three chores :)  The joys of a happy hearted 4 year old.  Don't tell me it won't last...I don't want to hear it ;)

More one on one time with my Peachy Pie.  I'm seriously working on finding the day to day joys rather than being bogged down by secondary infertility.  It's hard to be open (with you all!) but I'm so glad I am because the out pouring of comments, emails, messages, texts is just amazing, humbling, and connecting.  Thank you all so much for your prayers.  They are much needed.

Just a fake smile and patriotic outfit.  Every day is a good day to wear red, white, and blue.

Jonathan has to work late right now because of registration.  So, Georgia and I find ways to keep ourselves occupied.  So, I broke out the rollers. (Conair I think.  The clips heat up as well but the clips are too small for my hair so I never use them)  I literally could not stop laughing.  Jonathan and I both have super thick hair but mine is heavy...Jonathan's is full of body.  Take a guess as to who's she has.  So funny.  She has my deep side part though.  Just love her.

We have four hens and now one of them is laying eggs as of this week.  Almost like clock work every morning at 10am there will be a new one!  So fun.  We can permanently check eggs off of our grocery list ;)  Jonathan even made some of his wonderful oat pancakes with our eggs!

Other happenings around the house...some IDIOTS smashed our brand new mailbox.  I was furious.  We literally got it last month.  They hit ours and a few others in the neighborhood so I filed a report with the police.

Also, we have mint growing in our front yard to keep the deer out (they eat soooo much!)  Well, mint grows A LOT.  So I propagated some.  (Cut some off of the original plant.  Took all the leaves off but left a few at the very top.  Put the stems in a full vase of water in the window of our kitchen.  Waited a week and new roots were growing out of where the leaves were taken off.  Replanted them in different places in our yard.)  I also did this with out strawberry plants.  Look at my green thumb y'all!

We've done some house hold projects too.  Our ceiling fan in our living room worked but it was old and ugly.  So, I bought some spray painted, painted the gold silver instead, and stained the blades a dark brown.  I also took off the glass, added a drum shade, and replaced the bulbs with brighter LED ones.

1. Front before 2. Back before 3. Back after 4. Front after

I like this a lot better.  (Bad phone pics should be the theme of this post!)

Jonathan will die that I'm positng this.  He planted a pretty large garden this year and unfortunately the deer ate almost all of the blossoms as soon as they would open.  So, Jonathan abandoned it.  He was doing yard work the other day so I asked him to take the fence down and just mow over it.  Here are the few plants that were left.  hahahaha!  I cut them up and fed them to our bunny.

While he was doing that I worked on the hutch that came on our backporch when we bought the house.  This project was gel stain, brass tacks, and a drop cloth.  Stained the top half and then tacked a cut and folded drop cloth to make pleats.  Easy!  Now I can store and conceal G's out door toys (under the skirt) and bug spray (in the drawer) as well as have a spot for ice and cold drinks when she's playing outside (the two holes on the table top are used as a handle and reveal a rubber bin).

This frame used to be yellow...I used gel stain on it as well.  Looks much better.

Our master bath faucet was dripping so J replaced it.  Long, wet, and drawn out process thanks to our house being 50 but everything and everybody is dry now so it's all good.

Two things G is excited about.  Her new kitten (who isn't living with us yet because she isn't weaned) Posey.  Look at that sweet face.  And, writing.  She writes, draws, and colors all day EVERY day.  She brought this to me the other day and told me she made a card for me.  So sweet!

Oh, and look out out weather.  Real fun.  Ugh.

Look at my two favorite people.  The cutest.

My brother did this crazy thing.  He bought out his lease in downtown Houston, sold his porsche, he already owned a truck as well, and bought an RV.  Now he lives in an RV park on the lake.  Here is Georgia basking in the 100+ temps in Uncle Austin's kayak.  (The picture of the mailbox above shows us storing his RV for a no, that isn't ours!  We just have a huge driveway!)

Jonathan, Georgia, and I went to a Mexican restaurant the other night and it was so yummy and so pretty.  Look at that floor!  Look at those tacos!  Yes, those are noodles.

Then, there is this.  Georgia asked me how to spell, Tate.  The name of one of her friends.  She wrote his name and then said, "look, I added lips!"  Oh.My.Goodness.  I'm in so much trouble.

So, that's what's been happening in August so far!

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