Finally September

September 8, 2015

It's finally September and we are in full swing of loving our routine.  Dance, Bible study, friends, home school.  We are really getting back into the groove.

{Monday - MOPS, Tuesday - Dance, Wednesday - BSF and church, Thursday - Small Group, Friday - maybe gymnastics}

We stay super busy over here.

First of all, lots of Georgia pictures.

We got Blue Bell back!  Ice cream heaven!

I'm newly obsessed with knee socks.  They are the cutest.

We got a new snake killer kitten.  No indoor cats for us but welcome to the family, Posey.

Friends in boots...

I tried Nature Box (like it) and bought a new swing.  G picked ours out so yes, it's rainbow.  The other one was for a friend.

I swear Georgia isn't a giant.  She is sitting slightly in front of her sweet ballet friends.

My besties from college came in for the weekend.  It was lovely.

Like mother like daughter :)

That's all for now.  Happy Tuesday.  I'll have some posts coming soon about home school this year and a new cooking adventure Jonathan and I are taking :)  Stay tuned!

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