Late to Friday Favorites

September 18, 2015

Linking up here, although a little late to the game.  Long week.

"Farm Life"
 I mean, we live on one acre.  So "farm" is a huge stretch.  But we have chickens and some go with me here.  Anyways, Georgia LOVES her chickens.  Here she is getting her eggs from Ella in the morning.

One of my favorite things is how the morning dew looks on strawberry plants.  Doesn't it looks so cool?!  Is it just me?

Then, there is the purple basil.  Hello gorgeous.  Again, not sure who or what I'm turning into but it's so pretty in our flower beds.  We haven't cooked with it yet so I can't attest to the taste but it's easy on the eyes ;)

More animals...snake killer Posey and our pup Perry.  Not pictured: snake killer #1 Pearl  (Yes, our domesticated animals all have P names)

Georgia's awesome personality
This lady has me laughing everyday.  I just love her.  She told me here she wants to be a scooter teacher when she grows up.  Big plans y'all!

Sipping coffee and drawing dragons.

Enjoying breakfast with grumpy cat.

Her choices for drinks.  A girl just doesn't know if she's going to want water, milk, or tea.

New gymnastics class
We have now signed Georgia up for a real gymnastics class.  She was in a class at the local rec and now she's at a real gymnastics place...a gym I guess you would say.  She's loving it.

She's doing really well with everything...just not the tuck roll.  I die laughing every time.

Still knee socks
Guys, y'all are probably so sick of them but I'm not.  Not even a little bit.

We went to Waco to visit Jonathan's sister and her fam.  We did a lot of relaxing and eating which was great.  I got two little pink glass votive holders at Magnolia Market and I use them as glasses for G.  She loves them.

Georgia drank more coffee...

Home school
Home school is still going really well.  We are 9 days ahead of schedule with our curriculum.  My mom was her first sub.  My mom taught first grade for 20 years so she's way more experienced and qualified than I am so it worked out well.

Summer coming to an end
I'm actually glad to see it go.  I love the cooler weather and the routine.  So long sprinklers :)

I hope everyone has a lovely weekend!

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