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September 28, 2015

It's officially fall now.  Yay for the weather soon turning cooler and all things orange and pumpkin.  I picked up some of these at TJ's.  So yum.  They were soooo good that I had to give some away because I was pigging out :)

Hellllllllo fall!  Glad you're here!

I deal with a lot of mom guilt with Georgia being an only child.  It's not forever and it's not my choice but in the mean time she likes to love on all her pets HARD!  She has such a huge heart and smothers all living beings with love.  Her sunday school teacher says, "she's the prettiest tom boy" and my mom says, "I see a future at vet school"  Both, so SO true.  The other day she had two chickens.  One under each arm...that girl.

She's also a handy little photographer side kick and quite the fence climber :/

And, other than loving on animals, helping me, and climbing everything in sight, she's SUPER in love with her new gymnastics class.  This was before her class started.  Lovely little beam routine ;)

I'm really heavy into Bible study this fall.  I do MOPS every other Monday, BSF on Wednesday mornings, Wednesday night Bible study at church, and Home Group on Thursday nights.  It's a lot but so far I'm keeping up.

With fall comes routine and I love routine.  Along those lines we started pasta Monday and taco Tuesday and I'm so excited about it. We've also initiated a movie and pizza night on Fridays.  I let Georgia pick the movie and we veg on the couch.  I have no photographic evidence that any of this happened but it did.  Promise.  

Georgia wanted to watch, "Asia.  You know, the other Asia".  Took us a while to figure out that she meant Fantasia.  She also loves the "Little House on the Parity" books...and on that note, she also likes necklaces with "narbles" aka marbles.  Love that girl.

I had some photo shoots this weekend, some birthday parties, and dinner at a friends.  On the way home I took this.  It was cloudy all day sunday and the clouds broke long enough for me to get the gorgeous sunset but then the clouds came back before the whole blood moon thing...so missed that.

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