Day Downtown

October 5, 2015

I scheduled some photo shoots for McGovern Centennial Park in Houston and I had never been there.  So, Georgia and I braved the chances of traffic and headed into Houston for the day.  About a 45 minute drive from our house.  We had a great time.  She absolutely loved it.  It was October 1st and that's practically a holiday here at our house.  My birthday is in October so fall (specifically October) has always been my favorite time of year.

She's mine.  But, she's gorgeous.
(She always asks to wear her hair up.  Maybe because that's how I wear mine 99% of the time.  I like hers pulled back but not up.  She likes a sloppy bun or all down.  Kids are funny.)

There is a huge "mount" in the middle that has a spiral sidewalk up to the top and a water fall that flows down the center.  She kept saying, "look, I'm flying!"

 Shades were a must.  There was not one cloud in the sky.

I loved that we were in the center of Houston and couldn't hear traffic.  All we could hear was the water fall and we just watch butterflies fly from one flower to the next.  I used to HATE Houston.  I was born in Dallas (everyone else in my family was born in Houston) but eventually we all moved here when I started 7th grade and I thought it was terrible even though every single member of my family lives here (even extended).  But, I've really grown to like the city.  Especially all the trees.  It's a very "wooded" city and I like that.

The best part of the park, in my opinion, was this beautiful tree.  I love the subtle spiral of the trunk and how huge it was.  Just gorgeous.  

It was so nice and quite.  It had lots of shade and tables and also restrooms, vending machines, and water fountains.  All huge perks with a preschooler.

I'm just soaking up all this time with Georgia.  My heart literally is about to explode.

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