Fall Happenings 2015

November 30, 2015

1. Pick apples
2. Renny fair
3. Pumpkin Patch
4. Starbucks trip-only purchase pumpkin things
5. Trader Joes for pumpkin items (we each pick one)
6. Play in a pile of leave
7. Watch Wizard of Oz
8. Haunted House at NCHS
9. Trick or Treat in our hood
10. Fall fest at FB Conroe
11. Halloween photo shoot
12. Leaf art
13. Make apple pie
14. Make pumpkin bread
15. Make Halloween Cookies
16. Plant Bluebonnets seeds and sunflower seeds
17. Decorate Pumpkins
18. Make a pine cone bird feeder
19. Make Hot Spiced Cider
20. Buy Winter Gourds
21. Have a chili Party
22. More family walks
23. Make German food to celebrate Oktoberfest one night (sausage and beer)
24. Fire in a chimenea 
25. Jack o Lantern Pizza
26. Build a teepee
27. Make an indian vest
28. Pilgrim thing
29. Decorate for fall
30. Dress Perry up for Halloween
31. Tailgate
32. Fall candle
33. Buy G new boots and jacket
34. Watch hocus pocus
35. Splash in puddles
36. Gratitude craft
37. Family photos
Didn't get to everything on our list but had fun anyway :)

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uk.essay-writing-place.com said...

So cute and sweet little pumpkin! What a range of outfits does she have at her 4-5 years of age!))


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