Fall Dining Room and Other Tid Bits

December 1, 2015

I'm not really into a bunch of orange decorations for fall.  I like to use mostly white, gold, and silver no matter what the holiday or season.  I had a few other little decor items throughout the house but mostly just decorated the dining room.

I started the season with painting all my pumpkins gold, white, or silver.  It was such a good, GOOD choice.  I just sprayed them one afternoon and they looked so great.
Then, I perused through Pinterest to find some inspiration for my tablescape. This is what I was able to come up with for the dining room.  All phone pictures unfortunately.
PS those green dots are light not weird green things on my table..
Here is my entry table.  Light up pumpkin was a gift from Georgia.
 I added three white pumpkins above the kitchen sink but never really was able to get a good picture.  Our poor little kitchen still needs a lot of reno work :/
I didn't have a lot going on in the front either.  Our front porch just had a few things.  Note the summer annual my MIL planted and gave me for Mother's day (yeah, back in May) that is still going strong despite me never giving it a second thought.  I don't know what kind of angel wing dust sorcery she does on her plants but it's crazy...while the mum behind Georgia was a few weeks old and already on it's way to dead.
Georgia had a cute little area on her night stand but she moved on to Christmas excitement pretty quickly and of course now I can't find the picture I took.  I had a few little things here and there but again, don't have photographic evidence...and we've now all moved onto Christmas.

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