Happenings Lately

November 16, 2015

Didn't she do a great job labeling the eggs for her Nana?  So cute.
Georgia and I are really enjoying boot weather.  (Well, almost boot weather)  Georgia's are from HERE (similar) and mine are from HERE.  Gold ones up top are from HERE and chicken dress is from HERE.  Do you do boot and shorts?  It's new to me but I really like it and it makes a lot of sense here in Texas.
Enjoyed MOPS this Monday with my old roomie from college, Megan.  We may have been "ssshhed" a few times and even threatened to be separated.  Sorry!
Georgia has all of her Nutcrackers out already.  It's not even Thanksgiving and she has them out.  Well, who am I kidding...the bottom two have been out year round and the top two are new but I'm fairly certain they will be out year round as well.
So, I figured why not get all her Christmas books out as well.  She has so many.  Probably too many.  She woke up from her nap the other day actually and told me, "Mom, I want to give some of my Christmas books away.  I want to give them to kids who don't get as many presents as I do."  Seriously, that heart of hers is amazing...then, she flips out at HEB because, "their Christmas decorations are up.  That's just terrible.  We're supposed to celebrate Thanksgiving.  We're supposed to be thankful for things like Momma and Daddy!"
And then, look at that face.  THAT.FACE. (I tried to put the Halloween jammers away but she wasn't having it at all.)
And, this is how I spend my days.  Hot tea.  Close to my diffuser.  Laptop on Friends and photo edits.  My allergies have been SO terrible but I took a HUGE turn for the better on Sunday.
Happy Monday Everyone


Lea said...

You both are rockin' those boots. So cute! I can't get over how big Georgia has gotten, such a cutie! I use to be the MOPS leader at our church and I loved those girls so much. Such a great group! Happy week!

http://paperwritingservice.ninja/ said...

4 eggs laying chickens are a great producers at you farms, I can see)) Nice dresses of the yellow chicken! Happy Monday to you as well!


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