A Dress and Some Hair

November 12, 2015

Having a girl is so fun.  Getting Georgia dressed and fixing her hair is so much fun.  I bought this dress the week before Halloween so I had her wear it everyday leading up to Halloween.  (Bought it from Eleanor Rose).  It was fun to see all the ways I could style it.  These were just the ones I could get pictures of.
After we get dressed we do hair.  This double french braid halo was so sweet.
This faux french braid is great.  Video HERE.  I fix her hair like this for gymnastics since it holds all her hair back without getting in her way for back bends and back rolls.
Then, there is this fun up do.  I can't find a video but it is super easy.  Pony tail.  Topsy tail it.  Braid the bottom.  Roll into a bun.  Bobby pin.
I wish I had Georgia's style ;)

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