Turning 30 and Trick-or-Treating and Life

November 9, 2015

House keeping: My new blog layout is not mobile supported so the layout design only shows up on your computer and it doesn't support Disqus for comments either so I removed that.  I like the new layout too much to care. (I still read blogs on my computer.  Am I the only one?)

Georgia wore her Halloween PJs for the last time.  So cute.
We had a lot of fun trick-or-treating but I didn't get any pictures because I didn't take my phone.  She insisted on going up to each house by herself.  So independent.

My mom and step dad took Georgia and I out to dinner for my birthday and then they went trick-or-treating with us because Jonathan had to work a football game.  I didn't feel like going door to door at night all by myself.  Our neighbors are totally safe but still.  (He had to work Thur, Fri, and twice on Saturday.  Stinks.)

Speaking of my birthday Jonathan got me two new Kate Spade purses, new brown riding boots, and new Sam and Libby flats.  Georgia got me a light up pumpkin that she picked out. I loved all of it.  Thirty isn't all bad.  Hopefully I'll have lots and lots to look forward to in my 31st year.
Jonathan and I also celebrated our 15 year dating anniversary.  He bought me flowers.
Then, in fat people problems...
Yep.  Pour chocolate chips in a cup.  Then, I pour them in my mouth :)
Also, the other night our friends had their annual Pumpkin Party.  It takes us 30 minutes to get to their house.  This night it took us an hour and a half.  There was a huge wreck and we were bringing ice cream.  We knew it would be melting so we found some random plastic pieces in the car and went to town.  We were in park on the road for about an hour...fun.
I also made a few small updates this week.
I moved my small desk into our room as my night stand and hung up some pictures.  I really like the way it looks and it's much more functional.  Now we need to add the cornice boards above the curtains.  The desk used to be in our laundry room but I put new drawers in there that I really love.  Jonathan is going to add some counter tops in there for me so it's seamless but it's a step in the right direction.


Donna said...

I always read blogs on my laptop and rarely bother to read on my phone, in fact I recently deleted the Bloglovin' App because it was never used. Love the pancakes with the birthday candles!

Erin and Ryan said...

Love the drawers! Mind sharing where they're from? :)

Lyndsey said...

Sorry your hubby had to miss Halloween, but it sounds like he made up for it for your birthday!! Woohoo! I'm glad it was great!! And I'm loving all the drawers in your laundry room too!

Lea said...

I'd say your racked up quite nicely for your birthday. Good deal! Your bedroom looks lovely and love the drawers in your laundry room. Have a great new week!

Megan C said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday! Love the change the bedroom, the desk looks great there. I love the new shelves in the laundry room, where did you get those?


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