Thanksgiving 2015

December 2, 2015

Our first thanksgiving was at our house.  It's not a thanksgiving until your bounce house is ready to go...
Then, we did family photos with the self timer and tri pod.  Pretty tricky in full sun.  First time in a long time all eight grand babies were in the same picture.
They went from herding cats and chickens to taking pictures so ready to sit still they were NOT.
My grandmother, Emily (Nanny) and her great grand children.  So cute :)
Our second Thanksgiving was with friends but I didn't get any pictures.  Our third was at Jonathan's parent's house.  We do a family photo there every year in which I always looked winded.  I run back and fourth to the camera a million times.
Before we went to J's parents we went to my mom's to watch the parade.  I take a picture of Georgia every year while she watches but this year she was dancing with one of the featured performers.
I hope everyone is feeling as blessed as I am this season.
(She was so proud of her curls BTW)

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures and family!


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