24 Hours in New Orleans

January 4, 2016

Jonathan and I planned a weekend getaway in New Orleans for our little family of three.  Due to two unfortunate events (Jonathan's grandfather dying and Georgia getting a quick fever) we were there (literally) for 24 hours...plus 10 hours combined in the car.

In the middle of the night (what would have been our first night stay but was actually the only night we stayed) Georgia was running a fever and up a lot of the night coughing.  We checked out a day early and the hotel graciously refunded us.  And, as luck would have it her fever miraculously went away as quickly as it showed up.

Also, Jonathan's grandfather died before we left and we were going to drive straight from NOLA to the service but leaving early let us rest in our own beds before that long day.

Of course, she needed a real alligator head.  Duh.
After we unpacked and settled in then we headed to City Park.  We wanted to visit Storyland Village.
There was a restaurant in City Park and we had to order all our typical Louisiana food.
Once it was dark there were lights all throughout the park.  So pretty.
Georgia and Jonathan rode the carousel and she also rode the roller coaster several times.  This park is huge and amazing. 
I was so proud of her!
Then, we turned in for the night.  We stayed at Hotel St. Helene and they were wonderful.  It's a small historic hotel in the French Quarter.  They were especially kind since they refunded us our second night stay which they really didn't have to do.  I loved the separate living space where Georgia had her own "room".

After a very looooooong night we headed to the French Market and Jackson Square.  Busted out the real camera for one picture :)
 Then, we headed to Magazine St. for the rest of the afternoon.  We loved this area.  Way less crowded. Not nearly as touristy.  Wider sidewalks.  More yummy food.
After gelato we headed home.  Such a bummer of a week and I wish we could have stayed longer but we just couldn't.  Hopefully we can make it back some time soon :)

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Caitlyn said...

So glad y'all had a great stay in my hometown! Love NOLA!! Next time y'all visit I would love to book a photo session in the city with you! :)


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