Five Christmases

December 30, 2015

Friend Christmas
Our group of Bible Study friends (three families with 6 girls 6 and under) had a Christmas gift exchange.  We did secret santa and donated money to charities.  The girls exchanged gifts as well.  We rode around and looked at Christmas lights and then we roasted smores in the back least we tried.  We ended up making them in the microwave because the firepit was wet.  Jonathan made pork roast and rissoto.

I set the kids table with nutcrackers, a wrapped gift hidden under the dessert plate, and plastic wine glasses for their sparkling cider.  Georgia wrote their name on the place cards and we stuck them in a stack of donuts.
 The adult table was a little more bland.  I had wood slices on hand and my mom wrote the names on them for place cards.
With my Dad and Stepmom at my brother's house.
At my brother's we had a yummy tamale dinner and then opened presents.
At my Mom and Stepdad's house
We went to Christmas eve service and then went to my mom's house to have dinner.  After our tummy's were full we did presents.  We do secret santa over there so that's fun.
Christmas day at our house
We woke up and did Christmas morning with Georgia.  I don't take pictures on Christmas morning.  I just have one long video.  Jonathan's parents came over later in the day and I think at some point we went over to my mom's (in our neighborhood).
Day after Christmas at Jonathan's parents
Drove to Crosby to spend the day with Jonathan's parents and his sister's family.  We ate a big Christmas lunch and then did gifts most of the day.  You'll notice a followed by presents.  And, not that many pictures.

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