Baby Number Two (Details)

February 23, 2016

Thank you so much to everyone for your out pouring of love and support.  When I posted this on FB and Insta I was shocked at the amount of people who responded, saying they had been praying for us, my post had brought them to tears, given them chills, or was the best news they had heard in along time.  I'm shocked that so many people care about my little family and am so grateful that God moves in so many of our lives.
I found out we were expecting baby number two on Christmas day!
Best Christmas present ever.

I was about a week late (had been the previous month as well) and so I decided to take a test on the 25th.  It turned positive instantly.  My positive line actually came up before the "test" line showed up. I was going to wrap the test and give it to J and told him I found his last gift but he was already in our room putting away his new things.  I just walked up to him and showed it to him.  The "test" line still hadn't quite come up yet so he just looked at me (because he could only see one line) and said, "oh it's ok..." and I said, "NO!  It's positive" and I think he said, "OH!  I was wondering why you were shaking."  So, the fourth pregnancy has been the least exciting reveal thus far...but, what can you do?

Nausea and reflux are in full force.  (This is actually my fourth pregnancy so the symptoms have gotten easier to handle, although they seem to get worse each time.)

Once the doctor's offices were open after the holidays I went in for two rounds of blood work and all came back normal.

We waited a lot longer to tell people this time around.  NOT because I was worried but because when we did tell people I wanted them to be excited and not worried.  Also, I did want to guard myself from certain conversations that were bound to happen.

I had a friend, while doing her morning Bible study, in August 2015, have a very loud revelation from God that "it is done" in reference to me becoming pregnant.  She emailed me and told me and our excitement quickly waned when I knew I wasn't pregnant in August.  Well, it must be a God thing because I'm due in August which I never expected.  Also, a friend texted me on Christmas eve something to the effect of, "if you knew this size of the blessing coming you would understand the battle you're fighting."  I got a positive test the very next day...actually her text was one reason why I went ahead and took the test.  Isn't it amazing how God can use other people to speak to you?

My first appointment was on Jan. 18 and baby was measuring ahead. (Which I had prayed about and had a lot of conformation from God that this baby would be "ahead" and "perfect")  They moved my due date from Aug. 27 to the 23rd.  At that appointment baby's heart rate was 171 and the little face was looking right at us :)
I had a second appointment the following week (The doctor does that for patients like me just for reassurance.  Bless her for that.) for an ultrasound just to check on baby and all was perfect.  Heart rate was 170 and baby was kicking and moving around.  So funny to see. (Not as much detail bc it was a normal external scan)
I've been super slow in the picture front because 1) I don't feel super awesome so I don't want to get my tripod out. 2) Getting J to take a picture can be a bit tricky. 3) The weather has been pretty yuck.

So, here is 11 weeks.  Back to my pre pregnancy weight.  I lost about 5 pounds in the beginning but I'm guessing that was water weight since I was weighed the day after throwing up for about two days straight. (While on a girl's trip...of course)  The nausea is now under control.  Either I've gotten passed it or the medicine is working.  I'm too nervous to stop taking it.  I'll wait a few weeks and see.  The reflux isn't responding super well to the medicine but it is working some.  All my clothes still fit but are pretty uncomfortable.  I just want warm weather for flowy dresses and skirts...sigh.  I swear I can feel the baby move...I know that's crazy but I feel like I can feel "flips" not little punches or kicks.
Happy 12 weeks to me :)  Reflux is still pretty bad but pickles (vinegar) are giving me some relief.  We still haven't told many people.  The people that do know guessed and I'm a really bad liar.  The little bump is growing and I'm really excited about swimsuit weather since I don't need to worry about my "beach body" this year.  Perks of an August due date.  I'm in all my normal clothes still but hate getting dressed.  Warmer weather is making it a little easier.  Even leggings are uncomfortable.  I don't want anything touching me.

Getting harder to hide
13 weeks.  A few more people are finding out on an as needed basis.  My next appointment is next week at 14 weeks and that is when we plan to tell the world.  This picture is sunny and photo bombed by a chicken.  Eh...beggars can't be choosers.  I'm trying to be pretty laid back with my body.  This is my fourth pregnancy so I feel like my body had endured quite the roller coaster ride and there was only about a 4 month span between this pregnancy and the prior one.  It's hard because I'm used to being very active and working out but now I'm being so extremely cautious.  Seeing a belly is reassuring but also a bit nerve wracking when thinking of my post baby body.  Jonathan enjoys the belly so there's that.  Jonathan calls the baby, "she".  Whether it's a boy or girl it already has a name.  The boy name was set in stone when I was pregnant with Georgia and the girl name decision was made when Georgia was about two so we've had these names picked out for a LONG time.  Hint: both names start with "M".  Actually, if it's a boy it will go by his middle name but his middle name starts with a, "M".  I've had an "M" in the soon to be nursery for almost a year now.  Georgia laughs at the thought of a brother.
yep, I eat three of those jars a week ;/
Not all posts will be this jumbled but this one just covers a lot of bases.  Thank you everyone for your continued prayers and support.  Such blessings.


Donna said...

Reading this gave me some serious goosebumps. God is so good. Continuing to keep you and baby in my prayers! <3

rebecca burgess said...
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Callie said...

Loved reading this, I'm so happy for you!

The Kohnerts said...

What a blessing! I've read your blog since before Georgia was born. Every time I see you've updated your blog, I pray it's a pregnancy post! May God bless your family :)

Heather Lockhart said...

So, so happy for you! What a sweet and wonderful blessing for your family!

I do what I want.

Lyndsey said...

Look at that cute bump!! :)

ShaunB said...

Love this! I could only eat pickles and sour patch kids with Ethan, soooo I'm voting boy. ;-)

Lea said...

So, so very happy for you and praying it will go smoothly from this point on. Our daughter and husband just had their 2nd little boy last August after her having 4 long term miscarriages. He has been the biggest blessing. All the best!

Elizabeth said...

Congratulations!! So exciting!

courtney said...

Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!! I've been hoping to see to a pregnancy announcement every time I've checked your blog. So glad your time is here.


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