14 Weeks

February 24, 2016

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Here we are at 14 weeks.  I have no idea about weight gain.  I don't look at the scale at the dr and don't own one at home.  My energy levels are better. 

 Every food possible sounds good but I limit what I eat because of my reflux.  I also limit my activity level because of my reflux.  Any thing not beige in color can make it worse and lots of bending over also makes it worse.  So, I mainly eat carbs and don't do any activity.  Guessing I will gain a lot :/  And, the bad thing about reflux is that it doesn't get better the bigger you get.  Learning what foods to avoid and that I need to pace myself has been pretty difficult.  With Georgia I had reflux at night and regular Zantac worked well.  This time around it is all day. Prevacid, Zantac, and Nexium don't work.  BUT, it's all well worth it.  I'm already dreaming about my first meal post delivery :)

I try to eat a largish heavy breakfast, followed by a somewhat normal lunch, small dinner at around 3, and then a bowl of cereal around 6.  I eat less and less as the day goes on so that I still feel good around bed time.

Jonathan has been an absolute God-send.  You name it and he does it.  Even Georgia knows it's hard for me to bend over and that I need pickles a lot.  If she sees me not feeling well she will bring over a jar of pickles.  Sweetest ever.

My sleep is getting better.  I've only been getting up once to go to the restroom so that's an improvement.  With Georgia I slept like a rock.

I'm intentionally slowing down with photography and graphic design because running my house takes longer now and my family and home come first.  It's hard to find the time between family, home, and home school to get anything else done.

I went to the dr. yesterday and the heart rate sounded "great" as the tech said (Dr. was out sick).  It was in the 160's.  So, a little lower then the previous 2 appointments.

In other news we travel every summer in July.  We were planning a trip to Disneyland for the end of June to have a belated birthday celebration for Georgia (and I actually backed out of booking it because a friend said, "don't do it, you'll be pregnant and won't be able to fly"...and what do ya know) but I won't be able to fly and heck if I'm going to Disney World (kind of drivable from Houston) in my third trimester in 110 degree heat and 100% humidity.  Not happening.  Then, in July we drive to Gulf Shores.  Again, 3rd trimester and 9 hour car ride is NOT looking too good to me.  So, our summer plans are up in the air.  Also, I'm due the day before school starts...and my husband is a principal.  This should be interesting.  Just had a thought: we should finish the kitchen with vacay money.  That's a really good idea.  Traveling next summer with a one year old will be way better (at least G was a good traveler at that age) than a 9 month belly :/

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