18 Weeks - Milam

March 22, 2016

18 weeks.  This really feels like it's flying by.  Probably because we kept it a secret for so long.

Still generally feeling better and better.  Had one rough bought of terrible nausea the other night but it seems to have been an isolated event...maybe I ate something that didn't agree with me?

I can feel my bump getting taller but I feel like the general size of it has gotten smaller.  Don't know how that is possible.

Milam's movements are getting more frequent and more pronounced.  Jonathan still hasn't been able to catch him yet but we're hoping soon.  I can actually lay down and watch my tummy bump as he moves.  I think he must have long legs/arms.

*update* Jonathan did feel Milam, late last night.  3.21.16

Georgia is 100% in love and just cannot wait to meet him.  

I had an appointment yesterday and I actually brought her along.  She did really well and said his heart rate sounded like thunder.

His heart rate is still at 167-172 which it has been the entire pregnancy.  The doctor actually couldn't get his heart rate on the monitor for more than a few seconds at a time and she was laughing at how active he was.  She noted all the sounds that were not heart rate and they were actually him moving.  Pretty interesting and every time I see him or hear his heart rate the dr/tech/nurse all say the same thing.  He's very active.

Weight - still at my regular pre pregnancy weight.  Stretch marks - none.  Belly button - in

Sleep is fairly good.  I get up once or twice to go to the restroom.  Some times it takes me so long to fall asleep I have to get up for a potty break before I fall asleep though.  Dreams are strange and I have weird middle of the night irrational fears.  Like I some times can't fall asleep because I will lay in bed and think about how if we took Georgia to Paris (number 1 on her bucket list) that she could be abducted by a sex trafficker.  I cannot even make this up.  My irrational fears ONLY kick in when I'm pregnant.

So, that's week 18.  Here's to almost being half way :)


Kelli said...

How fun! I've heard an old wives' tale that an active baby in the womb = an easy, calm baby after birth. It definitely didn't work out that way for me with Abby, but active is fun, too (especially in retrospect once you're caught up on sleep). :)

Luanne said...

Stop watching Taken before bed. ;-)

Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

Lol, I had to crack up at your fears! Pregnancy does weird things to us! You look super cute and I can't believe you're almost half way already!

Lyndsey said...

I have been having the craziest dreams and middle of the night thoughts too! And I agree, your belly does look smaller this week-- maybe baby was hanging out in the back?!


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