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March 18, 2016

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It's FRIDAY which normally I would be super excited about because, hello, weekend BUUUUT, this has been our Spring Break so it is drawing to an end and it makes me very sad.

This is one LONG post.  So get a snack :)

Earlier this week we spent some time at our friend's house.  They have three horses and generally Georgia has no interest in them.  This day she wanted to ride.  I was so proud of her :)

Georgia's class got their recital costumes.  I love this time of year.  Red, white, and blue, tap, AND Yankee Doodle Dandy!  What's not to love!?  G's on the bottom right.  My sweet pea.
 Georgia loves her Nanny.  My grandmother, she's almost 92.  They sit like this all evening and watch TV.  G's scowl is for me...for interrupting their TV watching.  How dare I?
 Georgia also cannot get enough dad time.  Or just likes to use him as a foot rest.  J is silently protesting the amount of Febreeze I'm using.
These are the lunches I make Georgia.  She eats way better than I do.  Appetite wise she's a better adult than me.  Love her for that.
 Getting a picture of her is funny these days.  She's so SO sassy.  She fully dressed herself on the right.
 If you can't beat the rain you just dive in...feet first!
 Shopping via instagram can be dangerous.  But so SO cute.  G had that swimsuit on as soon as she woke up that morning.  Just as I thought she would.
 After the rain finally subsided we just had to get outdoors again.  J had cut down a lot of limbs to throw away.  G and I made good use of them to build a lean to of sorts.
I also set up this little art tent.  She loved this as well.  And yes, the chickens have been very interested in them as well.
 Jonathan doesn't want me to eat any tuna and my mom makes the best tuna salad.  One can of tuna and 4 eggs I think.  So, I texted her to make me her tuna salad...but without the tuna.  So, egg salad.  And, it was so SO good.  I like mine on a cracker with ranch and a pickle...even though she puts pickles in the salad itself.
 I do Georgia's Easter pictures every year.  I far prefer to get her pretty Easter dress picture when we don't have the rush of Easter morning.  Love her so much.  Such a big girl.
 All her Easter pictures.  I should have saved it at a lower resolution so it wasn't blurry but I didn't care enough to do it again.  She has grown so much.
We had friends over to play a few times...I have no photographic evidence that this actually happened.
We celebrated my brother's birthday with a family dinner and lots of face swaps.  We all die every single time.
On Wednesday we went into Houston to visit the museum.  Georgia has been dying to see the dinosaurs and get beignets.  We stopped first for beignets for breakfast.
Then, we stopped to take some pictures by the pretty azaleas.
We visited the entire museum and then hit up a food truck for some lunch in the sculpture garden.  We went to an American/Mexican/Asian fusion place and it was yummy.  Egg roll burritos, egg roll mac and cheese, some sort of asian inspired french fries, and deep fried oreos.  Delish.
When we got home we went to go do our bluebonnet pictures (the Texas state flower)
And, because I love a good comparison photo...
I'm really loving the fact that I will have a little boy in next year's Easter pictures and bluebonnet pictures.  Such a fun change :)

MOST of this Spring Break though has been laundry, cleaning the yard, DIY projects, and building a shed.  It has been a lot of work.  No before or after pictures because honestly it hasn't been anything too exciting.  Mainly taking care of things we should have a long time ago...pressing the limits of what our city trash and recycle bins can hold.  I snapped this picture the other day from the kitchen sink of G playing in the back yard while Jonathan burned some limbs in our sunken fire pit.  I do get really frustrated with the entire process.  Why did we buy such an old house, and a fixer at that?  Why didn't we build in a new neighborhood, why didn't we buy a newer house?  Lots and lots of reasons (resale value, schools, established area and trees and SPACE!)  Obviously those are all specific to your region but in our area we really had several options and we seemed to go with the hardest.  Hopefully in a few years it will all be worth it still.  In the mean time I can enjoy the main reason we picked this house.  The large backyard and the potential it holds :)  An acre is more work but it is also more fun!

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Chasity Munn said...

OH. My. Gosh. I feel like I just found a momma blogger soul sister. :) I clicked your link on the Friday Favorites linkup because you had a cute picture of a little girl on a horse. I also have a four year old named Georgia! Loves horses but is usually scared to ride. CHECK Miss Sassy Pants CHECK Dance recital coming up CHECK Smocked, Eleanor Rose and monogram loving CHECK. No chickens though. :) And I only wish my Georgia would eat that well! It's just PB sandwiches and carrots for this girl. I probably sound like a total nutcase now, but it was so fun to randomly come across your blog! Check ours out at when you have time. :)


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