21 Weeks - Milam

April 12, 2016

21 weeks with sweet baby Milam.
(Just a reminder: Pronounced "My-lum".  So far we've gotten "Mill-am" and "Me-Lam" but for the most part people know how to say it.)

Eating is better.  I eat normal meals and snacks now.  My reflux is almost all the way gone.  It's amazing but I'm guessing my weight will start to rise.  I have been so hungry lately although I have been much more active.  One or two walks a day plus some yoga and stretching here and there in addition to actually being helpful around the house again and picking up more and more photo shoots.

He is moving a lot.  I felt a tiny little body part the other day seemingly trying to poke it's way out.

Bad allergies (hence my oh so tired face with no makeup in this picture) have been a pain in the rear lately but I FINALLY seem to feeling like myself again (as of yesterday).

I've slept really well the past two nights since my sinuses are almost back to normal.

Nursery progress is still at a stand still but hopefully we'll get into gear soon.  The room is already painted and we have the crib, mattress, and dresser so all the essentials are there but it's just a huge gigantic mess of a room. 

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Chelsea said...

You look so adorable :)Chelsea @ http://thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com


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