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April 18, 2016

Motherhood in one picture:  No makeup and a kid licking your face.
No biggie.  I can only charge my computer with a rubber band stretched across at this angle.  I'll fix it when I find the time...whatever that is.
My fearless little explorer
 When your outfits are so on point.
Her cute little western get up was for "Blue Grass" day at church.  They all looked so cute and did such a great job :)  That's my child dead center and embarrassed I got up to take her picture before they started.
Celebrated my niece turning 6 at the American Girl store.  She got to bring her two girl cousins.
An example of "me time" lately
Do you know how much time you can have to yourself (sitting in a chair next to your child) if you give your kid a ton of paint and a giant board?  It's a lot...and I'm obsessed with the outcome but don't know what to do with it.  I want to cut it in two and frame them somehow but I have no idea where I would put them.  Our next step is to cover all the parts where the board is still showing with chalk or oil pastels...then possibly frame.
On friday we had a rare date night.  We went to our two favorite local places, ate way too much, and then worked on family goals.  It was so nice.
On saturday I had a baby shower for a friend.  She's due in June with Jack and I'm due in August with Milam.  Never mind that I look her.
On sunday we went to my niece's cat themed roller skating party (hence the cat headband).  Georgia was so excited.
We had such a busy weekend that I am in no way ready for Monday.  I need another weekend.  I did manage to finish the laundry so all the praise hands for that.

*update*  Looks like I got my wish for a longer weekend!  J gets to stay home due to the rain/flooding!  YAY! We all slept in until 9 :)

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Chasity Munn said...

I love Georgia's bluegrass outfit! Especially the skirt.
You should do a post on family goals, this sounds like something we need to sit down and tackle.


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