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May 30, 2016

Well this weekend was quite a doozy.  Actually it backs up to Thursday...Thursday just rolled right into Friday because I never really slept.  Jonathan had to go to Galveston for work and my mom texted that she didn't want me to take Georgia to gymnastics, that the weather was going to be too bad, and that my step dad would come pick G and I up (so my car could stay in the garage in case of hail), and bring us to their house for the evening until Jonathan could drive by and pick us up on his way home.  I agreed because I didn't have anything else to do so why not...I just thought they were being silly because I'm not the type of person who ever thinks the weather is going to get that bad.  Well, it did get pretty bad.  60 mph winds, nearly 12 inches of rain, but no hail.  I've never seen that much water in their neighborhood before.  There front yard and street was transformed into a huge rushing river and their backyard looked more like a lake...a knee deep lake.  Luckily Jonathan had just redone the drainage in our backyard and we had no water in our house or even close.  One of our sweet friends wasn't so lucky.  Four rooms in her house got water in them and their house has never flooded nor is it in a flood plain.  Jonathan and I spent some time over there holding their babies (me) and ripping up soaking wet carpet (Jonathan).  I didn't know this but once the water gets above the foundation of your house the water will start seeping in under your baseboards.  It's terrifying.  Jonathan and I went home and I tried to sleep but just spent hours praying for every family I knew (four of them) who had water in their houses (just a few streets over from us) and all of these houses had never flooded before and were not in flood plains.  It poured all night but luckily no more water came in.  Thank God.
Friday was more of the same.  More and more rain but luckily still out of the houses that I care most about.  Swim lessons cancelled.  No gymnastics Thursday.  Photography sessions cancelled.  My mom actually swung by Friday and took G to her house because I was so exhausted and Georgia went to bed LATE and woke up fairly early for her and was already going stir crazy even though we still had power.

Moving on from all of our weather woes.  My summer is filling up quickly.  We have VBS, VBS meetings, photo shoots that hopefully won't get cancelled, Powell family vacation, Dupuis family vacation, swim lessons that we HAVE to finish, and my baby shower.

Jonathan and I REALLY wanted to take a "babymoon" / anniversary trip somewhere super fun but I'm looking at my planner and I'm like yeah...when will that happen?!  He has off June 10th - July 10th and that's when we have VBS and two other family vacations.  The rest of the summer he has off every Friday but he doesn't want to take any days because Milam is due first thing when J goes back to work so he knows he'll be taking off then.  (Jonathan probably has more saved up days than any other worker.  He HATES taking off of work.)  I don't particularly want to do anything "close" to home because we've done all that already.  So most Texas road trips are out...not that they aren't fun.  I LOVE Texas but we've done a lot of it.  We just went to New Orleans at the start of the year so I don't really want to do that again.  Does anyone have any suggestions?  Preferably a short flight or drive.  Which, from the Houston area nothing is really close since we're soooo far south.  Jonathan isn't super fond of me flying in my third trimester but if my doctor gives me to go ahead I'm ok with a few hour flight.  So, y'all think on that and let me know what you come up with :)

Georgia's recital was on Sunday night with a rehearsal on Sunday morning.  Her dance was to Yankee Doodle Dandy and it was adorable.  She's in a tap/ballet combo class but her studio is so huge that they already have to spread it over two nights so the little combo classes get one routine at the recital.  I was glad her's was tap this year.
We've been wearing our red, white, and blue all weekend and loving it.  Georgia loves wearing, "Texas colors" as she calls them so she's been pumped.  
Today, we plan on staying home, working on Milam's nursery, and having family over later today.

Happy Memorial Day

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Heather Lockhart said...

Orlando and Fort Lauderdale are usually pretty cheap flights from Austin, so perhaps they are from Houston too? You definitely need a little getaway before the baby :)


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