28 Weeks - Milam

May 31, 2016

Hello THIRD trimester.  Nice to see you again after 5 long years.
All is well here.  I go to the doctor on Friday and so begins my every two week appointments.  I've been sleeping well and I'm off of my reflux meds which is so nice.  My energy levels are really good.  Keeping up with our daily walks is nice, although all of this rain has put a damper on that.  I get really thirsty later in the day.  My belly button is still in and stretch marks are no where to be found.  Milam moves all the time.  Kicks, stretches, rolls, punches, head butts, hiccups.  He's all over the place.

I've also been pushing the limits on what is socially acceptable work out gear for our walks.  Those tank tops are being stretched to their limit for sure.
Since this weekend was a long one we took the time to disassemble the guest room and assemble the nursery.  We moved some things around and Jonathan and Georgia put together the crib.  We still need to paint the dresser, get the bedding, add crown molding, change out the fan, add a glider bottom to the chair, redo the lamps, hang curtains, and put everything on the walls. AND...eventually we do need new carpet.  Shouldn't be too hard but this is the layout I like best right now.  And, don't worry...those roman shades next to his crib are cordless.  This isn't my first rodeo...and believe me...I had a clown the first go around! (And again yes, the stripes on the shades ARE pink but they will be covered up.)  He does have a very large bedroom.  It's bigger than Georgia's and the playroom...but I told her that her room and Milam's room are the same size ;)  I'm guessing this will also double as his playroom until his desire to eat Barbie shoes dwindles.
Nursery color is: Benjamin Moore Hale Navy (and I LOVE it)

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Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

I bet Georgia is having so much fun getting to participate in so many things getting ready for her brother!


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