Tahoe Girl's Trip

May 4, 2016

One of my very best friends in the world was celebrating her 30th birthday in Tahoe and invited all her besties to join in.  We had a great time.

Megan and I scored sweet seats for our first and longest flight of the entire trip.  I had window (my fav) and she had aisle (her fav), no one was between us, and we were one row from the restrooms in the middle of the plane which was great because I had to go 4 times in 3 hours.
 Gorgeous scenery all around.  And these are just run of the mill iphone pics.
 Milam just had to get in on the action.
Our first day there was a LONG day for those that traveled on Friday.  (The other half arrived on Thursday).  We met them in town, straight from the airport (our flight left at 7 am so Meg picked me up at 5 am!) and didn't get back to the house until midnight.  By the time I climbed into bed I had been awake for 22 hours (time change).  Our second flight was bumpy, the roads were winding, I get car sick anyway plus being pregnant, they don't have street lights in the mountains, and it was snowing on top of that...let's just say I barely made it to the bathroom before getting sick.  After that passed I had a few bouts of altitude sickness (easier to get while pregnant), where I just felt dizzy, but then I was fine.  We woke up to more snow on Saturday morning. 
On Saturday we took a boat tour, which I was initially very worried about, considering how I felt the night before but it was fine.  I've actually never been sea sick so it worked out for me.

 More group pictures to celebrate the birthday girl.
We went to the top of a casino to have the birthday dinner.  It was nice and had great views.  I didn't venture far into the casino before I realized I just could not handle that amount of smoke and headed back down to the waiting room.  There were several pregnant people on the trip so I was in good company.
It was a quick and busy trip but I was so glad I was able to spend such a special occasion with someone who has always been there for me.

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Megan C said...

Had so much fun!!! Thanks for being my travel partner!


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