30 Weeks - Milam

June 14, 2016

Week 30 has been a good one.  I'm only taking my reflux medicine about every other day and my skin is doing much better.  We've been super busy with VBS and other summer fun but I did manage to snag a picture and get this post up so YAY me.

We are still taking walks, I have an appointment this friday because I go every two weeks now (which is crazy to me...partly because the doctor who delivered Georgia didn't switch to every two weeks this early), no stretch marks, belly button is in, and no news on weight gain.

He moves ALL.THE.TIME.  The belly has officially started to get in my way.  I bump into things a lot and Jonathan puts on my shoes for me on occasion.  My round ligament pains can get pretty painful, which stopped with G in my first trimester.  They never went away with this one.  My leg muscles are constantly tired...like I just ran, which I DID NOT, but not so much crampy.  My energy is still pretty good which I'm happy about.  I'm still able to nest and clean and organize which I love.

I'm getting anxious in an excited way about his arrival.  A lot of pregnant people I know are starting to deliver so I just can't wait.  Georgia is really excited about her new role as big sister as well.  The nursery is still about 50% finished.  I have a shower in July so I'm kind of holding off on finishing the nursery until after that.  Although, there is a lot we can still do before then.

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