Summer has Started

June 13, 2016

Our summer has officially begun.  Jonathan's last day was Thursday and we've really enjoyed him being home.  We went to a free Star Wars orchestra night (Georgia is obsessed with Star Wars and her and Jonathan watch orchestra's perform Star Wars music every night before bed so this night could not have been more perfect.)  It was hot and humid but once the sun set we had a great time!
Her face when the Star Wars opening song came on!  So happy!
Before the show we went to CFA and did their challenge.  Super easy (since we typically do that anyway) and totally worth the free ice cream.
Now that it is summer G's dance classes are out so we have doubled up on gymnastics.  On Tuesdays she's in the bronze level class and on Wednesdays she is in Power Tumbling.  She's loving it.  We haven't decided if we will continue on or resign up for dance.  No smiles.  Working on her modeling poses.
 In other news her wiggly (wiggle induced by a run in with a flash light)  little bottom tooth finally fell out.  It had been about a week and a half since she hit herself and it was starting to turn gray so we were glad it came out.  I'm interested in seeing how long it will be until the adult tooth comes in.  It came out at 4am when she woke up and tried to wiggle it.  Instead it just fell out.  She woke us up of course to tell us about it and then slept until 8:30.
 The next night she put her tooth and a note in the pillow, in the hall, because a fairy in her room was way too scary.  Her note instructed the fairy to leave the tooth so she could put it in her tooth necklace.  The tooth fairy left a glittery dollar. 
 Jonathan and Georgia were super troopers and drove with me to a photo shoot at a new location.  The location was fun but it was humid and there were mosquitoes.  Luckily, I packed OFF and tons of it.  Georgia of course had her Rey stick in tow (Latest of the Star Wars girls).  Jonathan made it for her and she just loves it.
After the shoot we went out to lunch and did some shopping.
When we came home Jonathan worked on the yard and Georgia played in her kiddie pool and ate some smoothie pops.  Jonathan grilled for dinner and it was super yummy.
This week we are all off to VBS/Sports Camp.  A fun but busy week for sure...and binge watching Fixer Upper.

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Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

Its so funny and cute how much she loves Star Wars! I love that CFA started that challenge because we always do it anyway, too. Yay for free ice cream!


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