Fri-YAY {For Real}

July 15, 2016

We got back from vacation on Sunday night and Jonathan immediately went back to work on Monday morning for the first time in four weeks.  This time he went back as Associate Principal.  For the past four years he was Assistant Principal (one of four) and now he's Associate (the only one) which is right below Principal.  He does have off Fridays during the summer so that's nice but Georgia and I have been pretty busy here at the house.  Trying to keep her busy and trying to catch up on house cleaning and laundry.

First thing was first on Monday.  Get my NASTY car washed!  Dirt and sand.  It was so disgusting.  G was perfect watching.  She was playing with legos (as dirty as my car I'm sure) and listening to classical music.
Then, I made us a "we have got to get through these summer days" chart.  I literally drew this up in all of 5 seconds (as you can tell) and it keeps us on track for the day.  We do these things before iPad time.  She gets one sticker for each activity in order to earn some free time on her iPad.
Before and after lunch.  I wish I had the same taste buds as her.
 Building towers with marshmallows and toothpicks
 Cleaning up her lunch she spilled on the floor
 Working in a few of her workbooks (while I sort laundry in the background)
Georgia goes to gymnastics once a week and tumbling once a week.  She's Rio Ready everyone and she's got the gear to prove it! Her tanks are all too big so in the spirit of modesty around her male coaches I got her two "sports bras" to go underneath so you can't see her chest through her arm holes or when she hangs upside down.  All I've got to say is Jonathan and I are IN TROUBLE!  I've never seen someone so excited to wear a new "under garment" in my life!  I discussed the idea of modesty with her and she totally got it so I think we're ok for now ;)  In the pictures of her with the blue top you can tell how it's too big and she didn't have a cover underneath.
Georgia had the best day ever on Tuesday.  She went to gymnastics.  Then swimming at a neighbor's house.  Earlier that day my middle brother called and asked if he could take Georgia to the movies that evening.  YES!  100 times yes!  He took Georgia and our niece and nephew to go see, "The Secret Life of Pets" and Georgia had the time of her life.  Luckily she took a good nap that day because she got home very late and very EXCITED about her day.  It was so funny.  Best uncle ever!
On Wednesday we went to "Bust a Move Day" at church.  Basically inflatable and games day.  Georgia loved it.  We brought Chick-fil-a and ate with friends.  While Georgia was eating some waffle fries her second loose tooth fell out after some tears and a few break downs.  I don't know where my bitty little baby has gone :(
Milam's nursery is inching closer and closer to being finished.  The dresser is finished.  The lamps are done.  I hung up one map...among other things.  We're getting there.
Now, we are frantically trying to get ready for house guests.  So much to do!

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Nicole said...

Where do you buy her tanks and shorts for gymnastics? I love those star shorts!


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