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July 8, 2016

I like them because the keep my arms/bra straps covered without having to wear a tank under my clothes which is really uncomfortable.  I got this one at Target several years ago in the swim section. The picture I never posted of the latest wedding I did.  Milam has been quite the photo assistant these days.  Hoping he'll make as good of a subject come August ;)
Land's End bags
I use these for all of our trips and I just love them.  They are easy to use and clean and I like all of the color options.  I need to get Jonathan one.  He's the only one who doesn't have one and I need to replace my brown one (my college art bag).  I have colors for everyone in the family.  Georgia is yellow, I'm turquoise, Jonathan is green, and Milam in blue.  It makes things visually easier on me.  I was excited to put them to more use this season (remember I had to cancel our fall disney about that cluster HERE) well now it's looking like Jonathan and I won't be able to take a trip on our own because both our cars A/Cs went out this month so we had to pay to have those fixed and it wasn't cheap.  Bummer to being an adult and budgeting with cash.  Our bags will be ready and waiting when our life decides to calm down!  I'm anxiously awaiting that!
Rtic Cups
The biggest on the left is actually a Yeti and so far the cheaper Rtic cups have served us far better and kept ice for way longer.  Georgia left her's in my black car, in Dallas, on over 100 degree weather for 24 hours and it still had ice in it every time we got back in the car.  Ours are total life savers when we are out and about and running errands.
Fresh eggs
Our chickens are still beating the heat and laying those eggs!  They are mainly finding their way into our chocolate chip pancakes and waffles or to our friend's and family's homes.  Our newer chicks should start laying in the next few months.
NOT snakes!
And, with chickens and eggs...come snakes.  Apparently.  Not fun.  We were out of town and my mom and step dad found a 5.5 foot snake (I'm 5'6) curled up in our CLOSED chicken coop eating two eggs.  My step dad hated to kill it, since it wasn't poisonous, but it was SO big and this breed only eats eggs BUT they can be aggressive (and big) and bite if cornered which can lead to bad infections from bacteria in their mouths.  Anyways, I read about simple snake traps, made one, placed a slightly cracked egg in the trap (every now and then the chickens lay one that is cracked), and was so excited to go check it every day and catch snakes (strange, I know) but the egg never got taken and no snakes we caught.  Womp womp.  I guess we don't have snakes in our yard...just that one.  Which is totally a good thing!
Happy FRIDAY everyone!

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Callie said...

Love the kimono! I think they look particularly cute with pregnant bellies. ;-) I was wishing I bought one last summer when I was pregnant with Clarice!


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