Our Last Weekend With Three?

August 22, 2016

I had lunch with my mom, step dad, and Georgia.  They wanted to take us to lunch, hopefully, one last time before we all get to meet Milam.

Georgia also had meet the teacher.  She had a great time and I have a more detailed school post coming up soon.  I've scheduled a lot of her "back to school" posts for once Milam is here and I'm a blog slacker...for good reason.
My mom and step dad took G to his grand daughter's birthday party and Jonathan had to go into work for a bit so I paid the bills, balanced the checkbook, re did the budget, and cleaned my night stand as well as most of the house.  It was nice to get all of that alone time to catch up on "house keeping" before Milam gets here.

Sunday was Jonathan's 31st birthday.  I made him pancakes and Georgia decorated them.  I had kind of slowly given him his gifts as they came in the mail through out the week.
We woke up to deer in the back yard and because the humidity is so bad I couldn't get a good picture through our old foggy windows.  There was a doe, a young buck, and a younger female.
This sunday was promotion sunday and Georgia was thrilled.  She got to go to the second floor with all the "big kids" and felt so special.
Picture of the birthday boy and my big girl :)
We said "bye" to friends today at church.  Our associate pastor is going to be the head pastor of another church and his wife was our preschool director at church.  We love her so much and will miss her even more!  I had told Georgia they were moving but when I took this picture I had just explained what that really meant.  She was so sad :(
Georgia starts her first day of kinder!  She's been home schooled for the past year and a half so I haven't been apart from her much at all which is good and bad.  She grew so much with me at home but we really feel led as a family to try out this option as well.  We are zoned for a PHENOMENAL school and she's so excited to get started...I'm sure that will wear off soon :/  I have more detailed school posts coming up soon.
Also, I have a doctor appointment at 9:40 to check on baby brother and see if he's made any progress towards joining our family.  We shall see :)  I feel like he is helping me keep my mind off of my baby girl heading off to school.

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Lyndsey said...

This post must have been scheduled because my how life has changed just in the last 24 hours! :)

G's school pictures are precious!


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