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August 19, 2016

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Georgia practicing her big sister skills.  She's singing, "Go to sleep little baby"her favorite lullaby Jonathan used to sing her.  She sings it to baby Milam several times a week.  I tell her all the time that he'll know her voice when he's born and that makes her giddy.
I do have to say that the belly is a great table from time to time.  Very handy.
This is 40 weeks with Georgia...and a much smaller bowl
I've been on a mission to walk this baby out.  I recruited G yesterday morning and she was such a trooper.
I just cannot believe my sweet baby girl is going to be a big sister and start kindergarten.  I don't feel old enough for these things to be happening.  She's grown up far too quickly.  I'm so proud of who she is becoming but her baby pictures are killing me these days.
Georgia had never been to Dairy Queen so we took her the other day and this was her reaction.
It was also time for a back to school trim.  
Her swim lessons had taken quite the toll on her hair and it felt like straw on the bottom.
She was thrilled to go with me to get her hair cut.  She felt very fancy.
And this momma is so so pleased with the after.  It has a little bit of layering in the front around her face and looks so healthy and bouncy again.
She cracks me up every day.  Yesterday it was dressing her stuffed monkey in a Frozen dress.  She is way more into stuffed animals than dolls so she usually takes the doll clothes and puts them on stuffed animals.
Enjoying gymnastics and the Olympics as always.
My sweet friend bought me a ton of bath bombs.  I love bath bombs and I have these stacked in my bathroom.  I can only bring myself to use half of one at a time.
Georgia and I won a free dozen donuts from our favorite place plus two Tshirts.  We were all very excited about it.  Georgia's favorite is actually glaze while I prefer chocolate with sprinkles.

Today is Georgia's "Meet the Teacher" and we're all anxious/excited about it.

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