Friday Favorites

September 9, 2016

Our life isn't very exciting right now.  We are laying low a lot because it's hot outside and Milam sweats A LOT...just like his dad and sister.  And he gets heat rash super easily.

Here are few of my favorites from this week.

Alternate title:  Mainly pictures of Milam

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and his willingness to help...always
Big sister
and her curiosity
Baby stretches
Being lazy
Baby legs
Freshly brushed hair
Baby mullets being cut off
Baylor football
Getting too big for things
the newborn clothes's days are numbered
 Meeting Nanny
And all the cousins
 Getting real clothes on!
 Grandparent's breakfast at school
Georgia and my step dad, PawPaw
 Went to go buy new PJs for baby M and got soaking wet in the luck...not my favorite thing but had Children's Place had what I wanted that would have been my favorite.
Real clothes for Milam.  So handsome!
Happy Friday everyone :)

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