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September 23, 2016

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We're still here and starting to come out of our newborn induced fog.  Lately I've actually been trying to do normal things like, unload the dishwasher...

I'm on instagram mostly these days and I'm loving their new "Stories" function.  I mainly like it because Jonathan has insta on his phone now so I don't have to bombard his phone with pictures all day of the random stuff we're up to...which is what I normally do while he's at work all day and then I get irritated when he doesn't message me back.

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I spend most of my time holding Milam...
sometimes because I want to and sometimes because he wants me to ;)
Or, taking pictures of him while he sleeps...
because that tooshie and those lips
Or, keeping him clean...
Georgia loves his, "bow-hawk"
Or, working on bedtime routine...
because I'm a stickler
Or, trying to get outside more...
because I've become a recluse.
these legs :)
And there is sweet sweet Georgia.  She started school the day Milam was born so I've had some serious withdrawals (and frustrations).  We went to her open house the other night and she was so so proud.  I loved seeing her in her classroom with her new little friends.  School has her so excited to learn again and I'm so excited about that!  Milam slept the entire time and Georgia's teacher told me she was quite the hit with all the teachers in the school.
She was so excited to show me all her work.
We have been keeping our house so cold.  Milam seems to be hot natured like his dad and sister and I am not!  It's nearly 100 outside but inside I'm wearing sweaters and drinking hot tea...usually with socks and house shoes on.
I feel mom guilt about everything.  Breast feeding.  Patience.  My house not being clean enough.  The list goes on...thank you SheReadsTruth.  You're my life saver :)
 A few Georgia quotes just because...
We've also been battling thrush for what seems like FOREVER!  Dare I say I think the worst of it has passed?!  Yesterday he wanted to sleep all day but seems to be doing much better now.  Plus, we've had two sweet sets of friends bring us food on Wednesday and Thursday, knowing how hard it is when your babies are sick, and I just cannot say enough great things about them.  It was so nice to still have people bringing us food even though Milam is already a month old.
Food from friends
Tried Jonathan's old clothes on Milam...of course they are too small.  The straps are covering his nipples.  Not the actual outfit.  Inappropriate ;)
I'm a member of Influenster so I occasionally get free items to try in exchange for my honest opinion.  So, I got the Cottonelle Mega Roll VoxBox.  I figured I would get a coupon for some toilet paper and that would be it.  I had to laugh and was so surprised when a HUGE box of TP landed on my doorstep.  Right in time to take it off the shopping list as well ;)  I'll be honest.  I don't do the shopping so Jonathan is the one who picks out our TP.  The other day I bought some and was appalled by my choice.  Seriously...I never knew there were such huge differences in the stuff.  Lesson learned.
Happy Friday everyone!  We're excited the weekend is here!

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Hilary said...

Awww, Milam looks just like Georgia!


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