Up To - Weekend Edition

October 3, 2016

This weekend we had a wee little cool front and tried to pretend that it actually felt like fall here in the greater Houston area.

On Friday we tried to get some much needed outside time.  I don't get out much because Milam has him self on an every hour schedule.  So he's up for an hour and then wants to sleep again.  He sleeps like a champ in his Ergo and can get his full nap in but he hates his car seat.  HATES it.  So I like him to sleep in his crib or I plan for him to nap in his Ergo.  (He will sleep in his car seat if you put him in it when he's already asleep though...)  Anyway, so Friday we spent some time going on walks and laying in our front yard waiting for Jonathan to come home.
And then, the phone pics...
You just can't beat the trees and shade in our neighborhood.
 I had a tough day the other day and was being a bit overly dramatic so Jonathan and Georgia picked up some flowers for me.  Such a bright spot in our room now :)
Saturday morning we did house related stuff.  Tore out everything in our flower beds, clipped the chicken wings, went to the grocery store...things like that.  We also had fall drinks on the back porch with our french toast casserole
I had two photo shoots...
And Jonathan took Georgia and Milam to my oldest nieces band competition with nearly our entire family.  I have reports than Milam was a literal angel the entire time.  I've said it before, but he is such a good baby.  Maybe he's a normal baby, I don't know, G was just so unhappy (at this age) that I'm so relieved he's happy :)  After I was done with shoots we had a big family dinner swim fest at my brother's house and then the ladies went back for the final round of the band competition.  My niece's school won first place and every possible award their school could get.  Go Reagan Rattlers!  While I was at the competition Georgia was sleeping through yet another movie night with her dad...
while this one had a snooze fest as well.
Sunday, J and G went to church and then snagged some street tacos from a new local place here in Conroe for lunch.  Then Georgia and I were off shopping again for new fall decorations for our house.  I threw away a lot of stuff last year and have been buying some new things.  I still have a little ways to go but I'm getting there.  Georgia has done a great job decorating with me and I will post some pictures once we're done.  We had another Blue Apron meal for dinner and Jonathan made Pumpkin Spice macaroons.  They were super yummy.  After that I headed off for my last shoot of the weekend.
 Blue Apron...on a paper plate.  Classy but SO YUMMY!
And a small preview of my most recent shoot.  
Hope everyone is having as great of a Monday as me...although I hope you're a little more well rested ;)

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Chelsea said...

Your little one is so darling!! I love the photos. We had a cold front come through and was able to get outside as well!!


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