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October 10, 2016

So, I started doing photo shoots again and Milam has decided 40-45 minutes equals one nap and that eating just isn't very important for him right now so life has been a bit up hill recently.  I'm super excited to be back in the swing of things photography wise and I'm beyond excited Milam is figuring his nights out I'm also super bummed that I have more photography work and less time to do it since he seems to hate naps.  All in due time I suppose.

Look how cute he is when he does sleep!  (I complain BUT he typically takes one long nap a day 2.5-3 hours and then can sleep up to 8.5 hours at night but I just really would like some consistency in the day.  We're working on it.  Literally.  I go by.the.book and he spits up on my efforts.)
And then sometimes he just WON'T wake up.  He's cute.
Then he wakes up and smiles at you...and you forget you were frustrated...for a bit.  Actually he smiles a lot and is a very low maintenance baby.  If you make eye contact with him he gives you the goofiest little smile.
Here he is modeling my brother's pajamas.
And yes we are wearing smocked fish...in October...because it's TEXAS y'all and we can do that here.
In an attempt to make it to bedtime while Jonathan was working late in the Ergo Milam went to gain some more sleep when he just wouldn't nap.  (He will only take four naps a day.  I'm not sure how he can count at less than 2 months old but if those four naps don't get him to bedtime he will NOT sleep again until it's 7 or 7:30...and he somehow can tell time too.  #smart)
Goodness, those legs.  My big girl.
They are repairing some of the roads and I convinced Georgia this was ok.
Georgia found a bear mask on clearance at HEB.  We've had the best time with this.
We also had fun at National Night Out.
She looks SO OLD in this picture.  Those legs have shot out!
Eye of the tiger.  OBSESSED with these.  Sweet boy.
 Can I admit something...Georgia is starting her 8th week of school and hasn't repeated an outfit yet.  She's worn a pair of shorts twice and a pair of pants twice but that's as close as she's gotten to repeating an entire outfit.  It's ridiculous.  I'll claim that.
Here's to another week.  Happy Monday.

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