Fall Memories

November 1, 2016

We had so much fun trick or treating last night.  We drove to my mom's section of the neighborhood where the houses are closer together.  Our house in on an acre lot so we are a little farther apart on our side.  Plus, on my mom's side a lot of the neighbors go all out with the decor and full size candy bars.  One house even gave us two bags of candy.  Seriously.

We met some new neighbors and talked to them pretty much the entire time.  Georgia got a TON of candy and Milam...well, he slept the entire time.
Milam wore his candy corn jammies and his pumpkin hat most of the day.  We have to get all the wear out of them that we can!
 It was 50s day at Georgia's school the day of Halloween so she wore her Halloween dress the next day instead.  I got her little hat at Walgreens but I took it apart and remade it to spruce it up a little bit.
Then, it is worth noting that I put Milam in a pumpkin.  So cute :)

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Erin said...

Georgia is so cute, I love seeing her pictures! She's got some style, that's for sure! And Milam looks thrilled to be in that pumpkin, haha!


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