Monday FUNday

October 31, 2016

We had such a good weekend.

Today at Georgia's schoo it is 50s Day {50th day} for the little kindergardeners.  Georgia looked so cute before she left. (My mom takes her to school)
We took Milam to church on Sunday for the first time.  Our nursery prefers them to have their first round of shots before you bring them, if possible, so we've been holding off for a bit.  He got his shots on Tuesday, took them like a champ, and I actually ended up taking him with me to church.  I never did that with Georgia but Milam is literally an angel baby and fell asleep on my chest at the end.  He was a star.  ALL the older women (and men), and every single person we know at church just went crazy over him.  He even gave a few smiles to some choice people.  Our favorite nursery worker was upset I didn't leave him.  I will be leaving him next Sunday though.  Peace out big boy!  After church Georgia wanted MOD pizza so off we went.  Sunday was such a nice family day.
I had several shoots this weekend.  My husband is amazing and was on dad duty most of the weekend. 
After my shoots on Saturday and Sunday we had dinners at our house.  Saturday was with friends for my birthday and Sunday was with family for me and my brother's birthdays.  They are only two days apart.
I got Georgia a face painting kit because she loves them so much!  I let her go to town and she made herself into a cat.  Kitty got tired though and fell asleep in my bed during movie night.  Before bed on Saturday it's worth mentioning that she had a glow bath.  Paying $1 for glow sticks is always worth it.
This friday we were on our own because it was Jonathan's big rivalry football game (they won!)  Milam's naps that day were not super amazing so I was trying to stretch our time before bedtime so we went on an evening walk. (Clearly this post is in no kid of order other than the order at which these things are popping into my head)
And we made it to bedtime!
-Please keep my sweet Milam in your prayers.  I'm calling today to make an ultrasound appointment for him.  At his two month check up his doctor saw that he either has a hydrocele or a hernia.  Even if it is a hydrocele it could turn into a hernia unless it is a small hydrocele. Two of the three options means he will need surgery.  We are praying it is small and will be able to close/heal on it's own.  He's not in any pain but I would prefer my two month old to not need surgery.
Happy {and safe!} Trick or Treating to y'all!

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Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

Praying for Milam! I hope he doesn't need surgery. One of my little guys had hernia surgery at 3 months or so- luckily all went well and has been fine since (hopefully that gives you a little peace of mind).


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