Monday Re Cap

November 7, 2016

Today is Monday so that means Milam has his ultrasound today to determine if he has a hydrocele, large hydrocele, or hernia.  If it is the first he won't need surgery.  The second two will require surgery.  If you could send up a prayer for my little guy I would be forever appreciative.

Our week has gone a little something like this...
way too many pictures of Milam because I post way to much on Insta stories (MrsEmilyPowell) so that Jonathan can see what we're up to at home.  Milam is so sweet and talks to us all day.  He has a deep little voice.
Georgia's teacher had a shirt made to match Georgia's and it's awesome.  Actually, the entire kinder team had them made and requested a day to match G.
I got my new 2017 planner in this week and am pumped because I already have 7 shoots booked into 2017.
Class picture day.
Oh, and wait.  More Milam pictures.  Several are from Insta stories so they have the words printed on them and that bothers me but eh, what can you do.
A blur....
Awake at gymnastics...and asleep at gymnastics.
So.many.eggs.  And, at least one of the chickens doesn't know where to lay her eggs.  We find them all over the place.
Movie night entertainment and snuggles.
All the praise hands (and happy red head to my two favorites) for a baby that can fall asleep at restaurants.
Georgia loves her baby brother so so much.
I did TWELVE shoots this weekend.  12, people! AND, I launched my new website.  Go take a look HERE!


Lyndsey said...

Big prayers going up for Milam this morning! Also, love your new photog site -- it looks great!

Hilary said...

Oh my goodness - his chubs!! Love it. & sending prayers your way for Milam's appointment!


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