Life Got Crazy Busy

November 15, 2016

Measured and weighed M at some point just because.  He's 15 lbs even which is 80% and 25.5 inches which is 97% (He's estimated to be 6ft as an adult).  All very interesting.
I've had so many photo shoots lately and a baby who is so unpredictable in the sleep department (the past two days) that I am just exhausted. Not to mention I've been up coughing a lot of the night (I feel totally fine).  I'm still reading blogs but keeping up with mine is on the very bottom of the list.  Today (tuesday) Milam has had a bit of a nap strike which has left my nerves totally shot since we do cry it out over here.  The upside to that is I have gotten a lot of photo shoots edited and emailed out.  Not sure when we'll get around to doing our photos.  It gets dark so dang early there isn't enough time to do them once Jonathan gets home from work.

Milam had his baby dedication this weekend and one of my very best friends came to town to meet him.  We had a lot of fun although most of us were coughing and losing our voice.
We've gone on a lot of walks
Celebrated voting, the election, and Veteran's Day
Trying to get in a lot of family time.
 Jonathan volunteered at Georgia's school for a day.
An unknown animal killed two of our chickens so now we are down to four so our egg production just went way down.
Today was tough.  Here's to a better tomorrow.

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