A Christmas Catch All - 2016

December 28, 2016

We officially kicked things off on Christmas Eve Eve.  We took our little family to Pappasito's for some pre holiday meal Mexican food.  It was delicious although crowded.  Milam and Georgia got a lot of attention from the tables close to us.  Just being cute and all ;)  We decided to do this every year.  Jonathan's parents and grand parents used to go to Pappasito's every Christmas Eve but we just switched it to the Eve Eve.
Georgia also wrote out a new Christmas list.  We informed her that you can't make a new list two days before Christmas.  Pardon her bad hand writing.  She wrote this out quickly and on a tiny piece of paper.
On Christmas Eve we continued the traditions with Snow Man pancakes and an annual pajama exchange.  We all enjoyed it.  Georgia picked out Jonathan's pajama pants, I picked out a pink bathrobe for G, and Jonathan picked out a sleep shirt for me.  Milam was still asleep...All of this ugly Christmas paper made its way into our house, and I'm not 100% sure, but we've been trying to use it all up.
That evening with went to the Christmas Eve service with my mom's side of the family.  We went back to my brother's house for gifts (Milam slept through all his gifts), food, and swimming.  Yeah, it was around 80 degrees.
When we got home it was so late and Georgia was so tired that she fell asleep before doing all the "Santa" things.  So, we did them for her.  She was also SO worried (Wouldn't be Georgia without a good dose of anxiety) that she would get up to go to the restroom at some point and Santa wouldn't come because he would know she was awake.  She slept on the love seat at the foot of our bed so that she wouldn't go into the living room before she was supposed to.  Her thing...not mine.

Christmas morning came and it was so fun.  Just a slow calm morning...while brother slept...again.  I don't generally take pictures on Christmas morning.  I just set up my camera and record the entire thing.  Milam eventually got up and Georgia enjoyed once again being able to open all of Milam's gifts. Jonathan and Georgia went to church (since it was Sunday) and I had just put Milam down for a nap so we stayed home.  I know she's mine but she just gets prettier and prettier everyday.
After church my dad, step mom, middle brother, and in laws came over for more gift giving and food.

Our last Christmas was with Jonathan's side of the family.  And you guessed it...Milam slept through most of the gift giving.  Lots of gifts and food.  Lots of playing outside.  Jonathan's sister just had a baby girl.  Milam is 4 months and AnnaGrace is just under 4 weeks.  M is HUGE and AG is teeny and it is so evident in the picture of the two of them.
 Jonathan was a baby hog and let AnnaGrace sleep on his chest.  She didn't seem to mind.
A baby holding pro by now ;)
And...just some Christmas left over odds and ends...

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