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December 29, 2016

The battle against leaves at our house is strong.  Oh so strong.  The reason why I never want a pool
She finally went to see Rogue One!  She had a blast!
Some insta stories...@MrsEmilyPowell
 I got us new flannel sheets and Georgia used the "sheet bag" as sleeping bags for her many stuffed animals.
Our Texas winter this year is ridiculous.  It has been in the 80s.  That is not even kind of okay :(
 When you have a sister...she swaddled him as well...
 Practicing over the break...
Just because he's cute.
 We are about to extend our patio area.  We already added the lights.
 She's obsessed with "Life".  I told her grandparents she wanted it for Christmas and it has been a huge hit.  Her sitting there like a tiny shepherd is the weirdest.
 She also wanted a doctor kit for her american girl doll.  Strange but true.  We found Camille sitting peacefully near a window with a cast and wheel chair.  Speeds up her recovery I'm sure ;)
 Annnnd...still will not roll over...but I'm thinking of having him join the circus for his body contorting ways...
Influenster sent me a coupon for a free pack of Babies R Us brand diapers.  I braved the Christmas traffic to go snag a package.  I didn't love them and I didn't hate them.  I would say they are comparable to Luvs (which I don't love either).  They felt soggy and looked saggy.  I much prefer Milam's honest company diapers for day time.  I only use Huggies overnights.  They are the only thing that worked on either of my kids.  Also, I live about 20 minutes away from Babies R Us.  It is not practical for me to buy.

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