Fall Favorites

December 2, 2016

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This outfit is my favorite to wear in cool(er) weather.  It's comfortable but looks put together. You've probably seen me in it on Insta (MrsEmilyPowell)  When I go shopping I instantly like things or I don't buy them so I have a pretty small wardrobe.  Then, I wear the same things over and over.  I also need to say that in general I don't like "booties".  Not only do I loathe that word but as a fashion statement I don't totally get them since they don't lengthen you.  I've softened a bit to them but I've always like the Tom's version so I finally bought them.  These pants and shoes pair so well for me and don't seem to cut me off at the ankles so I like it.  I love wearing heels but never do during the week but I've worn these nearly every day since buying them and they make me feel so dressed up.
3. Low-Rise Rockstar skinnies
Here I was wearing the same pants but a different top.  Most short sleeve tops can be for all seasons in Texas.  This shirt is so comfy and airy.  When it gets cooler I just put a tank under it and then a poncho over and that is good enough for here.
This is John Mayer's newest release.  Lyrically, it's weak.  Yes.  But, I like the music so it's worth mentioning.  I'm obsessed with John so I have to let it slide.
6. Sally Hansen Dark Hue-mor and Can't Beet Royalty 
(second one is step one of two)
These are great no chip polishes and I love the darker colors for fall.  They are by far my favorites right now
7. My front porch
When I told Jonathan how much I spent on our porch he nearly died.  He told me next year to get all fake pumpkins so I don't spend that every year.  I told him it didn't count because we had just gotten a HUGE refund check from Milam's birth. (Now, I need to figure out what to do for Christmas!)
8. Hanna Andersson pilot caps
Like the ones Milam has on in these pictures.  They make ones that don't look like pumpkins too and I just love all of them.  They cover the ears without being too hot.
9. Plaid poncho
Unfortunately this is sold out at Old Navy.  None online or similar and I snagged one in the store and the only one left was on display.  I saw it online and instantly had to have it.  Took me about a week to find one but I finally did.
10. Cat and Jack footie pajamas
I love these pajamas so much.  Simple patterns.  Soft materials. Great zipper.
11. This sign!
They actually have one for each season.  I bought mine already framed and for only $14.99 at Kirkland's.  I need to go back and look for the winter one.
I'm compiling my winter favorites but winter here isn't so, "wintery" so we shall see what I'm able to come up with.

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Callie said...

I feel like wedge booties cut off the silhouette less than other styles. I love booties but I have never thought about them not lengthening your leg line! It's probably true, but I'm fairly tall, so I feel like I have a couple inches to spare. ;-)


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