Waco Trip 2016

December 1, 2016

Jonathan booked at trip to Waco for Georgia and I as a surprise for my birthday back in October.  We left early in the morning because I told Georgia, "we can leave as soon as you get up in the morning" so...up before the sun it was.
 We started the trip off with some Montgomery Bake House treats.  Super healthy. A lot of these pictures are from Insta Stories (hence the words and rainbow filter-my fav) and you can follow along at MrsEmilyPowell
 We first stopped at Jonathan's sister's house.  She lives in Waco and has 3 boys (and one girl now).  After that we went to Magnolia.  Don't get me wrong.  I love Magnolia but it was so so crowded.  It was a holiday week so I think that is what made it so bad.  Georgia was miserable.  We need to go back on a non holiday time so she can play.  We could hardly walk inside or outside.
 Then we headed to The Findery and snagged some Pokey O's.  Also went to Spice (a local fav!) and Roots.  My favorite store was actually Harp.  Really great stuff and no crowd.
 After that we needed some of our favorite Mexican food.  We love Ninfas.  NOT the Ninfas in Houston ONLY the one in Waco.  We even sat on the same side of the booth.  SO funny.
 Next up, the new candy store Hey Sugar!  It did not disappoint and checked out with a ton of goodies.
 The parking lot there has the best art wall.  Lots of it was blocked by cars but G found a few areas she liked.
Saw a few more random murals...
 We went by Cameron park and G played on the playground and explored by the river.  Schooled some kids on the monkey bars.
 A few of the other stores we went to (Junque in the Trunk) were closed but we stopped by to see their sign) We also love all the other antique stores on LaSalle.
 For dinner we wanted to go to Baris but it was closed so we went to Poppa Rollo's instead.  They dropped our first meal so we got it all for free.  Winning.
 That night she swam in the hotel and then we were off to bed.
The next day we went to Cafe Cappuccino for breakfast.  By this time it was starting to rain.
 I gave Georgia her own money and we hit up our favorite random store. Drug Emporium, next to hobby lobby.  It has the most random stuff and really cheap Beanie Boos.  Georgia bought three with her cash and we were on our way to campus.
 We bought some collegiate gear and headed back home.
 I did manage to snag a candle and mag for once we got home.
We had a really great time!  Thanks for the trip, Jonathan.

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