Holiday This and That

December 12, 2016

I feel like I have been SO busy lately.  I'm trying to finish up all my photo sessions and waiting excitedly for Georgia and Jonathan to finish up school this week.  Then I have both home for TWO WEEKS!  Milam and I have been so busy running errands the past few weeks and trying to get all our Christmas shopping done.  This little face gets me every single time.  Sorry, not sorry, but he's so stinking cute!
We've been trying really hard to work on sitting up (and rolling over back to front) and he's doing pretty well.
His smile.  Kills me...
 The other day he wanted to be held.  He's never fussy.  To the point it's hard to tell when he's even sleepy but he just wasn't super content anywhere but on me.  So, I held him because...that face.
 Another one I snapped before running errands in his winter gear.  So funny us Texans getting dressed for cold weather.
 We've been trying to really enjoy some down time...any down time we can find.  Perry even crept into a lounging on the couch photo...
 Georgia is loving her little brother more than ever.
 Georgia does the funniest things every day.  She's so smart and changing so fast.
 And, her second G may still be backwards but she can draw a pretty mean R2-D2
 We had a special Christmas service this sunday and Georgia performed in the Children's choir.  I kept M with me for a bit because I didn't think I could make it to the nursery and be back in time without missing part of G's performance.  He did great although we were in the 3rd row so he wasn't loving the trumpets.
Georgia is front and center in a green dress with a red bow.
Then, she came and sat with us and started listing off her sight words.  She's grown so much this year.  It's amazing.
I was really hoping I could get him home awake and get him in bed for a nap but he had other plans.  He fell asleep in his carrier walking from the nursery to the car.  So, I drove around town for an hour.
Jonathan and I managed to get away for a Christmas party with out sunday school class while my mom and step dad watched the kids.  Mine and my brother's.  They all had a great time.
Our chickens have been laying like crazy.  I've been delivering eggs left and right!
 I've officially delivered all our christmas cards!  I'm so glad to have that checked off of my list.
 I hosted an Usborne book party on Facebook several weeks ago and all my books came in last week.  Georgia is going to FLIP!
 I also made a trip to Waco (and back!) to do my brand new niece's newborn pictures.  And if you've ever been to Waco then you know...Waco = birds.  So many birds.
I did two newborn shoots on Saturday and two family shoots on Sunday.  I am so exhausted but now I have some editing to do.  Happy Monday.


Chelsea said...

Love these pics... He is darling :) I can't to meet my little one Chelsea @

Callie said...

Milan is so cute! And I love Georgia's R2D2. 😀

Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

I can't believe how many books you got from that one party!! Crazy! That's so awesome!


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